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Re: MSA2040 Remote Management

Donald J Wood
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MSA2040 Remote Management

I have several MSA2040 in remote offices. They have redundant (Gladden CPU) SAS controllers in Top (A) and Bottom (B). The other day we were having A/C issues in one of our offices and we were instructed to shutdown the equipment. We do this remotely from our centralized support area in a different state. The command we were instructed to use is via ssh session, shutdown both.

I was surprised to find out that we could no longer logon to either SAS controller after it shutdown although the webpage was still available and the IP address was still working, the logon prompts were grayed out. In order to get the logon prompt to work, we had to remove both the power cables from the back of the MSA2040 and reinstall because there's no power switches on the power supplies. I found that weird because the graphical representation of the back of the MSA 2040 shows one on each power supply.




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Re: MSA2040 Remote Management

Newer Power Supplies have no more Power Switch.

The Controllers ares down if the Blue LED on both Controller is on.

At this time remove the Power Cord and reinsert to Power it On.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.