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MSA2040 Remote Snap

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MSA2040 Remote Snap

Hello Every One,

We have two datacenters (Primary site and a secondary one), in each one we have a cluster of two DL389 G9 and MSA 2040 SAN, same config in both sites, 

the two G9 server are directly attached to MSA 2040 SAN via Direct Attach Cable, we want to implement Remote Snap for DR between the two sites.

I found in the document that a SAN switch is a must, and a Direct Cable Attach is not supported ?

Because we need only to replicate data from the primary MSA to the secondary one, without the need t make the two MSA Highly available, So my question is : can we connect the two MSA via SAN switch only (Or via if possible via direct FC cable) without the need to connect each server G9 to the MSA via SAN Switch ?