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MSA2040 SAN detach Datastores from ESXi6.5

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MSA2040 SAN detach Datastores from ESXi6.5


i have a question about the MSA2040 SAN and detach the presented LUNs from a ESXi 6.5.
The MSA is connected to the ESXi via FC and two LUNs are presented. I want to detach the two LUNs,
because i have to reconfiger the MSA (Pools and Volumes).
What is the save way to detach the LUNs?
What i did:
1. unmount the Datastores
2. Detach the Datastores
in the ESXi under "Storage Devices" the FC-Disks are grayed out and they are detached. Now my questions.
There is one more entry under "Storage Devices" for the MSA (HP Fibre Channel Enclosure Svc Dev naa.xxxxxxx).
I have to detach this entry also?
What is the way that the greyed out (detached) FC Disks are not visibel in the Storage Device list.
Because the detached LUNs are still showing the Capacity.
After i detached the Datastores i used the command: "esxcli storage core device detached remove -d Device-UID" but the Datastores are still visibal as grayed out.

What is the next step in the MSA SMU?
1. In the MSA SMU i go to "Mapping", select the LUN1, LUN2 and the Initiators, than i unmark the ports.
2. Than i delete the Volumes and Pools.
Is that right or i forgot something?



Re: MSA2040 SAN detach Datastores from ESXi6.5


You need to make sure you have detach the LUN from all of the ESXi hosts.

After that from MSA end you need to unmap the Volumes from ESX hosts. Once this is done then go back to ESX end and then do a HBA rescan. Now you shouldn't see the LUN entry in ESX discovered Storage list.


Hope this helps!

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