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MSA2040 iSCSI SFP to RJ45 1000Base-T transceivers proving elusive

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MSA2040 iSCSI SFP to RJ45 1000Base-T transceivers proving elusive

Gidday folks,

I have been trying to find some SFP or SFP+ transceiver modules that I can plug into the SFP+ ports on the controllers of my HP MSA 2040 (C8R15A) so that I can connect the SAN to a server that only has traditional 1Gb RJ45 copper ethernet ports. The Quick Spec says I can use C8S75A which is supposedly "HP MSA 2040 1Gb RJ-45 iSCSI Channel SFP+ 4-Pack Transceiver" which clearly states they have a RJ45 connector i.e. for a Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable however when you search on that C8S75A product in the HP website it says they are "HP MSA 2040 1Gb Short Wave iSCSI SFP+ 4-Pack Transceiver". Note the description states "Short Wave" which is fibre optic not copper ethernet AND the photo of the device has FC (Fibre Channel) on the label AND the photo clearly shows a fibre connector not a RJ45. Here's the product page from the HP website showing the C8S75A product description:


and here's the page on the same HP website that says the C8S75A contains a 4 pack of RJ45 devices


I have found J8177C and AW537A which DO list them as having RJ45 copper ethernet connectors but neither has the MSA2040 listed as a compatible device and seeing as HP networking products seem to be very fussy about what device you connect to them, it would appear neither of them will work properly if at all with the MSA2040.


So... is anyone able to point me to a suitable SFP module that is certified to work on 1Gb 1000Base-T iSCSI over copper with the MSA2040 and/or is anyone able to explain why several HP documents suggest the C8S75A as a RJ45 device yet the same HP website disagrees?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide some answers.