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MSA2040 installing new disks

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Patric Falinder

MSA2040 installing new disks

We have a MSA2040 with 14 disks installed at the moment. We need to expand with more storage and have purchased 4x new drives which will be a new raid.

The SAN hasn't been updated since sometimes in 2016 (GL220P009).

Do I have to upgrade the firmware before installing the disks?

I tried to download the latest firmware but was promted to link a valid waranty or support so I'm not sure if we only got 3 year care pack or if we got the 5 year one.

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Re: MSA2040 installing new disks


The short answer is no you don't have to upgrade firmware and MSA can tolarate different firmware


it is a good idea to upgrade firmware thought updating disk firmware is an off-line proccess which 

means downtime.


Patric Falinder

Re: MSA2040 installing new disks

If I want to upgrade my disks firmware and need to put it offilne, is there a way of putting the arrays offline from the MSA, does the upgrade process put the arrays offline automatically before firmware upgrade or do I just have to "disconnect" everything that is using it?

What if there is something trying to access the array during firmware upgrade?


Re: MSA2040 installing new disks


You should stop all host IO during a drive firmware upgrade. That should be done from the host(s). 

You can place a volume on the array in a stopped state, but this should not be done with active hosts. Otherwise your hosts will loose access to their respective storage LUNs.

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Patric Falinder

Re: MSA2040 installing new disks

Thank you for your reply. I just upgraded the controller firmware and now I'm going to plan downtime to upgrade the disk firmware before I install the new disks.