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MSA2050 - How to get a proper certificate from Microsoft CA

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MSA2050 - How to get a proper certificate from Microsoft CA

I can't find how to change HTTPS certificate from MSA controller, replacing the self signed cert by a Microsoft Certificate Authority trusted cert.
To get a certificate from my CA, i need a certificate request and I can't find how to generate this CSR.

the only thing I did is creating another self signed custom certificate from the MSA CLI but it is still shown as unsecure cert.



Re: MSA2050 - How to get a proper certificate from Microsoft CA

You will have to work with you CA to create the customer certificates that will be specific to your domain. HPE cannot provide you those custom certificates.

Please refer to the SMU Guide for general instructions for installation of the certificates.


A detailled blog post on this :

1) Request a certificate at your CA manager, it will be probably delivered as a .pfx file

2) Extract the .pfx file into two separate PEM files

- The certificate .cer file

- The private .key file (exported with a pass phrase)

3) Decrypt/Remove the passphrase from the .key file

4. Edit the .cer file you extracted at step 2) and add your company's intermediate certificate and the root certificate. The final .cer file should look like:

  1. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    Array’s certificate
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  2. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    The intermediate certificate chain
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  3. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    The ROOT CA certificate
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

5. Upload the .cer and the private .key file

put <certificate file name> cert-file

put <key file> cert-key-file

Hope this helps.


Hope this helps!

I am an HPE employee

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