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MSA2050: Make Spare Disk

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MSA2050: Make Spare Disk

I purshased two Hard disk for MSA 2050.

I want to make one Hard Disk to expand the existing Array and the Second one to Make as a Spare Disk for the Array.

How it possible,as i heard MSA 2050 is not linear,its a Virtual array concept


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Re: MSA2050: Make Spare Disk


Yes in MSA 2050 you can't expand existing Virtual Disk Group (VDG). Here concept is to increase size of the Pool. So you need more and more VDG to the pool. So if you want to add any new drive, only option is to create new VDG with that drive but in practical that's not meaningful. It's always best practice to check existing VDG for the particular drive type and according to that try to match same number of drives and RAID type to create new VDG and add to the same Pool to increase the size of the Pool. This is important to maintain the performance.

Coming to spare concept, yes you can configure Global spare with the single drive. 

To add global spares
1. In the Pools topic, select Action > Manage Spares. The Manage Spares panel displays.
2. In the Add New Spares section, click on available disks to select them.
3. Click Add Spares. The system updates the global spares and a confirmation panel displays.
4. To close the confirmation panel, click OK.


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Re: MSA2050: Make Spare Disk

Thanks a lot..