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MSA2050 shutdown and update


MSA2050 shutdown and update


I need to shutdown whole my server room for a day.I have 2 MSA 2050 with 2TB 7.2K, 1.2 10K and ssd cache . These two are working as my Vmware infrasructure storage. Now My questions are :

  1. what is the safest way to shutdown MSA 2050 and update them. 
  2. Shuld I update firmware,controllers and disk sepratly?

Re: MSA2050 shutdown and update


Controller and Expansion module firmware update can be performed online but drive firmware update is offline activity.

You can follow below links which will guide you with best practices,

Part #1: HPE MSA Best Practice for Controller Firmware Update:
Part #2: HPE MSA Storage best practice for expansion module firmware:
Part #3: Updating HPE MSA Storage drive firmware demo:


Hope this helps!

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