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MSA2050 - why can't I see my LUNs?

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MSA2050 - why can't I see my LUNs?


I'm currently setting up my new MSA2050. I'm intending to use it over iSCSI from a linux cluster.  I cerate my volume, create my initiator with a valid looking iqn, I map them - and then when I try to see this from my linux system I can only see the base LUN, not the volume I created. I have been giong crazy trying top figure this out. I have deleted and recreated everythign many time, in many ways. I've tried making sure everything is named and added to groups, and tried making sure there are no groups. the ouput of iscsiadm --mode discoverydb --type sendtargets --portal (IPADDRESS) --discover is



When I point other storgae, everything works as expected. What have I missed?



Re: MSA2050 - why can't I see my LUNs?

Can you please provide step by step information what has been done at your end - may be that will give us idea of what you are missing.


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Re: MSA2050 - why can't I see my LUNs?

Hi ,

Sorry for the late reply and inconvinience you had .

For Iscsi to work fine , make sure under MSA smu conole , under host , those iQNs are successfully discovered , I mean , discovery shows yes for all the host initiator .

In order to have these , make sure  at the host level  do the necessary  storage target discovery  as Iscsi HBA  level.I am assumomg pings are happening fine at both the end ( storage and from Host end).

So once the iQN showing as discovered under SMU console of MSA , do the necesary mapping  and check the discovery .

In order to avoid any Scsi reservation on LUn , tried these steps on a newely creted luns  and if it succeed , later veriry any scsi reservation conflicts are happening .

In order to get depth of the issue , send logs to us , by opening case with us , if problem persist .

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