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MSA2050 - why can't I see my LUNs?

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MSA2050 - why can't I see my LUNs?


I'm currently setting up my new MSA2050. I'm intending to use it over iSCSI from a linux cluster.  I cerate my volume, create my initiator with a valid looking iqn, I map them - and then when I try to see this from my linux system I can only see the base LUN, not the volume I created. I have been giong crazy trying top figure this out. I have deleted and recreated everythign many time, in many ways. I've tried making sure everything is named and added to groups, and tried making sure there are no groups. the ouput of iscsiadm --mode discoverydb --type sendtargets --portal (IPADDRESS) --discover is



When I point other storgae, everything works as expected. What have I missed?