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MSA2212fc + MSA70 (expansion)

Spiewak Damian
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MSA2212fc + MSA70 (expansion)

Does anyone has got MSA2212fc expanded with MSA70 (dual domain) ... and a question is.. is this configuration supported??



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA2212fc + MSA70 (expansion)

Quickspecs for MSA2000 G1 doesn't mention MSA70.
As far as I can tell you need to be on the G2 for the MSA70 to work.

Quickspecs to the G2:

Re: MSA2212fc + MSA70 (expansion)

I don't think MSA2000 G1 supports with MSA70 enclosure. Please find the quickspec,


Also, please find the link to get the "HP StorageWorks 2000 G2 Modular Smart Array cable configuration guide" and your answer will be in page 11,


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