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MSA2212fc question

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MSA2212fc question



I have a MSA2212fc device, which I want to expand its storage capacity. I wonder if I can connect a D2600 enclosure to it. I could find anything on HP web site since I think this product is no longer manufactured.


The other question is how I can turn on the controller on 2212 through CLI. I used shutdown to turn off one of the controllers on it and now I cannot find anything in the CLI reference to turn the controller back on!



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Re: MSA2212fc question

and I wonder if this is a G1 or G2 device.



# versions
Controller A Versions
Storage Controller CPU Type   : Pentium-III 700MHz
Storage Controller Firmware   : J200P24
Storage Controller Memory     : F300R22
Storage Controller Loader     : 15.010
Management Controller Firmware: W420R45
Management Controller Loader  : 12.013
Expander Controller Firmware  : 3019
CPLD Revision                 : 27
Hardware Revision             : LCA 56
Host Interface Module         : 26
Host Interface Module Model   : 1

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Re: MSA2212fc question

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Re: MSA2212fc question

MSA20** are G1
MSA2212 is a G1 (enhanced controller).
MSA23** are G2
P2000 are G3


If the D2600 is supported with the MSA2000 G2 it would be mentioned in the quickspecs of at least one of the products, looked there?