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MSA2312 SAS - Dual controller failure - move vdisks to another storage system (MSA2012FC)


MSA2312 SAS - Dual controller failure - move vdisks to another storage system (MSA2012FC)

We have recently suffered a dual controller failure, each controller will boot etc and see all vdisks and volumes correctly, but the moment I connect a server to them, they stop responding, and cannot access the storage controllers. I have rebooted, tried updating firmware (failed - as it too causes the MGMT controller to stop seeing the storage controller). I have tried booting with a single controller, changing slots etc etc, basically everything that you can do physically. Still nothing is working, and the help online says to replace the controllers.

I was wondering if it were at all possible to take the disks assoiciated with an entire vdisk and place them into a different storage system? I read on the 2300 reference guide under the 'about vdisks' section that vdisks store the metadata on the disks themselves:


"""Each disk has metadata that identifies whether the disk is a member of a vdisk, and other members of that 
vdisk. This enables disks to be moved to different slots in a system; an entire vdisk to be moved to a 
different system; and a vdisk to be quarantined if a disk is detected missing."""


Has anyone tried moving all the disks associated with a vdisk to a different storage system. Also please note that the system I am moving it to is not the same, it is a MSA2012FC, so it is also a different transport type aswell (FC not SAS!)