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MSA2312FC can't add a spare disk to a vdisk

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MSA2312FC can't add a spare disk to a vdisk


I have an msa2312 fc sytem with 2 controllers. I have create a raid 50 with the following disks:

RAID5-1 : Discs 1, 2, 3

RAID5-2 : Discs 1, 2, 3

RAID5-3 : Discs 1, 2, 3


Now, in this encloser, I have one disk same capacity same firmware level that is available, so I wanted to add it to the SPARE list.

I choose the Manage dedicated spare option for my vdisk and select the available disk and then apply

The system work for a while and told me that it's a success: I cann see now:

SPARE: 1, 2

But... few moments after that, the first spare disk becomes available and my system is back with only one spare disk!

In the logs I got message that a spare disk was added and a spare disk was deleted but I never ask that, it's just like I can only have one spare disk for this vdisk and I do not know why...

If I add the disk as a global spare, it works but well... it's not a pool of spare disk for this vdisk...

Any idea on why it's not working?



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Re: MSA2312FC can't add a spare disk to a vdisk

Hi there,


I would first start by checking the disk type (SAS or SATA) and form-factor (small or large form-factor) because a spare must be the same type as the other disks in the vdisk to which it is being dedicated. 


FYI, you can assign a maximum of 4 available disks to a redundant vdisk for use as a dedicated spare.


Hope this gives you some direction in sorting out the issue. 


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