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MSA2312FC controller failure

Roland Schauer
Occasional Contributor

MSA2312FC controller failure



I have a MSA2312FC G2 running. A few days ago we had to power off the storage. After power on I've seen following 3 errors in eventlog:


Raid Controller B failed, reason Boot handshake failed.

There is a problem with a FRU. (FRU type: Controller module B, enclosure: 1, product ID: , SN: , version: , related event serial number: A2545, related event code: 313)

Killed partner controller. (reason: Boot handshake timeout [failover reason code: 9])


In addition the "caution-led" is blinking on the back.

Thanks in advance for help!


best regards



edit: I've already tried removing power and the controller.

Mark Matthews
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Re: MSA2312FC controller failure

See page 103 of the ref guide here...


Each controller module holds a storage controller and a management controller.
Looks like the storage controller has failed to come up on Cont B for some reason.


I'd try restarting the storage controller from SMU.
Then, make sure the firmware is upto date on both controllers (you do one, usually Cont A and as long as Partner Firmware Update is turned on in SMU, it will automatically update Cont B too)

Be aware, the FW updates can take a long time, I've seen them take upto 2hrs before!

If it still fails, then the controller module will need to be replaced.




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