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Re: MSA2312i Vdisk Issue

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MSA2312i Vdisk Issue

Hello,  I am trying to find out the best way to remove a phantom VDisk on my MSA2312i.   Somehow, during a disk replacment, the MSA has recreate a VDISK and two volumes that were previously missing from the configuaration. 

The Vidks is showing as Quarantined and Offline, and it appears that 12 disks have been associated with it. 

I guess I need to remove it to clean up the issue but not sure if I can just remove the Volumes, then the VDISKS?



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Re: MSA2312i Vdisk Issue

You can dequarantine the Vdisk. Right click on the Vdisk and Tools > Dequarantine Vdisk. You can do this also on command line.

Then the Vdisk and the volumes can come online. Check the status of the MSA and try to resolve the next error messages.


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Re: MSA2312i Vdisk Issue


I don't want to bring it back on line. It's not meant to be there.  I just need to know if i can remove it safely without effecting the other Vidks.