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MSA2312sa how many servers

Miha Pecnik
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MSA2312sa how many servers

I'm considering a MSA2312sa (dual-controller) purchase and would initially have two DL360G6 servers hooked up to it. Both servers would have two HBA's (so I'd have redundancy).

Since additional servers might be purchased later on I'm wondering how many can I even hook-up to the SAN? I've been reading the documentation (where up to 8 servers can be connected, but that's just for the entire 2000 series).

My questions are:

- how many servers in what configuration can I connect to the SAN,
- if only two are supported (got that from a HP rep) can I use a switch and which options are available in that area.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: MSA2312sa how many servers

If you truly have the 2312sa, those controllers are SAS-connect to the outside world. The supported configurations are direct-connect to up to four servers, or through the SAS switch in a C3000 or C7000 blade enclosure.

In your case, with two SAS ports on your servers, you could have redundant connections from your servers to the MSA.

But most people don't call SAS connect a SAN. So I wonder if instead you're getting the fc model?
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Miha Pecnik
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Re: MSA2312sa how many servers

Thank you for your reply.

Where can I find the documentation that states four servers are what configuration.

Since the DL360's are 1U I probably won't have room for two HBA's per server and will need to make due with just one.

Aren't there four types (at least more common) of SAN's: SAS, iSCSI, FC and FCoE and the 2312sa is a SAS one?