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MSA2324fc - RAID5 Best Practices/Lun Virtualization?

Matthew Sarro
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MSA2324fc - RAID5 Best Practices/Lun Virtualization?

Greetings everyone.
I am trying to ensure that an upcoming deployment has an adequate spindle count for our DB performance requirements. I know its bad to create a large drive count RAID5 since it increases the liklihood of a double disk failure, as well as increasing the chance of a write hole. Since in the HP world you create a VDISK, and then create the RAID on top of that, is this still a concern?
If it is, I will create numerous VDISKs, each containing one RAID5. However, then we will have numerous LUNs to worry about.

Does the MSA2324 support LUN virutalization? I can't find anything about this in the documentation.



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