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MSA2324fc running active active


MSA2324fc running active active

I do not know if this is the best configuration, but these are my thoughts.


we currently have a msa2324fc that is about half populated. It has 2 controllers.


To the best of my knowledge, it's configures for active-active, but I only have the bl380 G5 talking to the msa2324 on one controller.


We have a new exchange server being installed. I was wondering if possible, what would be the pro's and con's or populating the msa2324 with 8 more disks and provisioning them to the second controller. and assigning them to the exchange server. 


Trying not to impact the original array or significantly increase the iops on the disks.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2324fc running active active

Make sure you got available bandwidth on the links.
If the "BL380 G5" is the exchange server then you need to configure multipathing.

If you add 8 more disks and put them in another vdisk then they will not impact the IOPS on the original disks.