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MSA2324i G2 LEFTOVR drive oddity


MSA2324i G2 LEFTOVR drive oddity

Hi folks,

MSA2000i, firmware M114P01 (latest G2 I think) failed a drive in one of its R5 vdisks, electrical death so it just disappeared from the SMU and CLI. I replaced it with a similar 300gb drive and added the replacement into the spare pool. Reconstruction took over and lasted 10 minutes before stopping and kicking the drive out to LEFTOVR state. Since this was a brand new drive I cleared the disk metadata and re-added it to the spare pool. Same result.

I bought an identical model and firmware-level drive (EG0300FAWHV, HPDF) which matched the other 5 drives in the vdisk and the same thing happens.

Any clues? The logs just say 'unknown reason, have a look in the troubleshooting guide' which just says to clear metadata. I don't want to destroy and rebuild this vdisk if at all possible since there's a 1.1TB reporting server using it. The controllers obviously know the replacement drive SHOULD be added to this vdisk since they attempt reconstruction, but why the failure?