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MSA30 DB or MSA30 SB

Guillaume Couture
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MSA30 DB or MSA30 SB

Hello, I have a DL380 G4 Storage Server with a Smart Array 6404 Controller to a MSA30 dual bus with 14 physical drives. The MSA30 has 2 ports connected to my controller SA6404 port 1a,1b with 2 cables.The First seven bays are connected to one I/O port, the other seven go to the second port. If had a MSA30 single bus with 14 physical drives i would only loose 1 ports on my SA6404 controller with 4 ports. 14 bays connected to 1 I/O port. I was wondering what advantage MSA30 DB over SB. If i understand right, with a Dual Bus, i will loose a quantity of disk i can connect to my Controller, but will i gain performance with Dual Bus? What Advantage and Disavantage beetween MSA30 Dual bus and MSA30 Single Bus?

Thank you
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA30 DB or MSA30 SB

Reasons for using a DB over an SA are:

- performance, but one would really have to measure it

- using two different SCSI busses for fault isolation in a small environment. A single SCSI disk drive can kill a whole bus and we see it from time to time. A small environment might not need many disk drives, but a bit safety.