MSA30 Dual Bus


MSA30 Dual Bus

Hi there,
I have MSA30 DB with 4x36GB. I have DL380 / SmartArray 6402.

Can someone confirm how I Dual Bus this correctly please.

-I think I need to attach SCSI cables.
-Insert disks into MSA30 slots 0 and 1 (or is it 1 and 2) and the other 2 disks in slots 7 and 8.
-Then I will run array config and setup Raid. Which will mirror a mirror.

Does this sound about right?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA30 Dual Bus

The MSA30 DB has two different busses:

A = bay (slot) 1..7, B = bay 8..14

bay 1 is on the left side (I think it is even labelled, but hard to read).

So it sounds fine to me what you intend to do - let us know how it went.