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MSA30 MI - rx4640s - HP 146G 15k u320 univ HD

Steve Blackburn_3
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MSA30 MI - rx4640s - HP 146G 15k u320 univ HD

I have 2 rx4640s connected to a newly installed MSA30-MI. There's 146g disks in bays 1 and 8. The HBAs are 2-port SCSI Ultra320 A6961-60011. There's already another fully loaded MSA30-MI with 72g 15k drives. This is attached to the other port on the HBAs.

My issue is the drives are not being recognized at the OS, hpux 11v2. I've check the quickspecs and the drives are listed. What am I missing to get the drives recognized? I've run mptconfig and still a ioscan does pick up the target disks although the ctl is picked (id 7 on server1 and id 6 on server 2).

Any suggestions?



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