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MSA30 shared with cold standby host

Adrian Ogden
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MSA30 shared with cold standby host

Another crazy idea but here it goes...

Two DL380-G4's with a SA6404 in each.
Two MSA30's with multi-initiator (4 port SCSI, two buses)

Connect two ports of one SA6404 to bus A and B of one MSA30 and the the other two to the A & B of the other MSA30. Do the same for the other 2 ports of the SA6404 to the other A & B ports on the MSA30's. Likewise for the other DL380-G4

In other words each bus of each MSA30 is connected to both hosts.

Setup RAID ADG across channels on the SA6402 on host, load O/S etc (other host cold). This way if an entire shelf fails there will be at least one disk of the ADG set on the other shelf.

If the host fails then the other host can be booted without re-cabling from the same disks.

Note WBC would need disabling to avoid having to move the WBC module,

Any ideas if this would work? I know the multi-initiator module is only supported with Linux and HP UX but I'm not doing clustering.