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MSA50 connection to DL360 G5

Alberto Rojas
New Member

MSA50 connection to DL360 G5

I need to connect a MSA50 to a DL360 G5 that already has the full PCIe slot occupied (with an Ultra320 SCSI card for a Ultrium tape loader).

Is there a SAS controller that can fit in the low-profile, half-length slot that is free, so I can plug the MSA50 there?

Alternative: buy a full slot SAS controller, drop the current SCSI card and buy a low-profile, half-length SCSI card... is that possible at all?

Thanks everyone.
James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA50 connection to DL360 G5

You will need to get a P600 or E500 external SAS controller.
The p600 looks like it has a short bracket. It should come with a long bracket and a short one so you can swap it to go in the slot you want.
The quickspec actually shows it with a half height bracket. But call or check with the online purchasing online help before spending your money.