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MSA500 Selective storage presentation and IIS Web Farm

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MSA500 Selective storage presentation and IIS Web Farm


This might be a silly question - but I need to be certain I'm on the right direction before I go on with my setup.

Here goes:
I have 2 Windows 2003 R2 Std DL360 servers in an NLB cluster for IIS clustering. The servers also holds a 4 way JRun Cluster.
Both servers are connected to a MSA500.

Since this is a IIS cluster I need to have the 2 IIS servers share the same (at least virtual) filestructure.

So here's the question:
Is the only way to accomplish this to set up a 2 way replication of 2 physical filestructures, or could this be done using the MSA500 and SSP or some other builtin functionality on the MSA500 or on Windows2003 R2 Standard edition?

(The logical answer is no since there would be times where both servers tries to write to the same file etc. But I'm confused and need to be certain..)

If I need to use synchronization software, any advice on what sowtware to choose?
Obviously the synchronization needs to be fairly "realtime".

And cost is an object..

Please bear with me if this is a first grade question.. ;)