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MSA500 query - Extend and Expand

Leonard Thng
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MSA500 query - Extend and Expand


Currently i have a MSA30 box connected to a MSA500. I'm planning to put in 6 x 72GB hard disks into the MSA30 and expand a current array which a logical drive of 100GB. Is there an option whereby after i expand my array, i can do a extension of the current logical drive?

From what i understand, even if i'm able to do extension on the current logical drive, at the windows OS level, the extended partition will be shown as unused partition. Am i correct on this portion?

Is there any ways to make the OS see the extended partition as part of the disk??

Rob Leadbeater
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Re: MSA500 query - Extend and Expand

Hi Leonard,

Yes. You probably need to use diskpart, although you don't say which version of Windows you're using.

Take a look at this Microsoft article:

Hope this helps,


Mark Matthews
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Re: MSA500 query - Extend and Expand

Hi Leonard,

You can either extend the current logical drive within the array, or create a new logical drive.

From the Windows side of things, if the volume you want to extend was created on a Dynamic disk, then you can extend the volume onto the new logical drive (windows unallocated space) that you create in ACU.

If its your C:, System drive or it has a pagefile on it, then you cannot extend it Im afraid.
Limitation of the OS...


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