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MSA500G1 and G2 connectivity issues

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MSA500G1 and G2 connectivity issues

We are running both MSA500 and MSA500G2 arrays connected to HP DL360 servers via SCSI.
We want to change the server (we've tried a mix of HP and Dell servers with LSI and Adaptec Ultra 320 SCSI cards). The new server always picks up the MSA controllers but that's as far as we get. We cannot see the disks nor can we use HP Array Config to see the array.
Any ideas - I thought it could be something to do with Selective Storage Presentation but this is disabled.
We don't have the MSA500 console cable to hand. There must be some way to get the MSA talking to another server? Do we have to wipe configs or something?
Cheers for any help.
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Re: MSA500G1 and G2 connectivity issues

Hi Billy,
Where/to what was the MSA connected before hand?

Ideally the MSA 500G2's have to be connected to a Smart Array controller to function and to use the ACU. (5/6 Series)

Though there is a console port, the firmware does not support CLI i/o so that may not be helpful.


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Re: MSA500G1 and G2 connectivity issues

Hi Shiva
Thanks for your reply. I actually posted another thread on here as I couldn't find this one (and the answer was posted on there which sorted my problem out).

You are spot on - I was using a standard Adaptec SCSI card and didn't realise the existing HP servers on board card had an array controller function (hence I thought a SCSI card would work). We are now using a HP controller card and all is well.
Thanks again for your reply though.