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MSA60 Firmware update

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MSA60 Firmware update

I have a MSA60 which came with firmware 1.40, i tried to update firmware but found out that i need to upgrade midplane and backplanes..


it came with midplane 399051-001 Rev: 0B which i replaced with 399051-001 Rev: 0D

and backplanes 399050-001 Rev: 0B which i replaced with 454574-001 Rev: 0A

i got i/o module 399049-001 Rev: 0C


like suggested here:


but still it tells me that i need to update backplanes..  i tried with firmware update cd 8.50 & 9.30 but can't get it to update..

what do i do??   now my msa60 is useless because of firmware mismatch..


It's running on a DL160 G6 with a HP P800 controller


Any help is deeply appreciated :)