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Re: MSA60 not being seen…

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MSA60 not being seen…

Server – Proliant DL360 G5

Added RAID controller – Smart Array P411 in slot 2

Cable – Mini SAS-MINI SAS, 2m, Pull Ring

Storageworks MSA60 12 x 147 SAS drives


In ACU P411  reports 2 errors

347         The cache for Smart Array P411 in Slot 2 is not configured.

267         There are no configurable physical drives attached to the current array controller.


On the MSA60 there are no LEDs on the front of the unit. If I push the button in the front it light up blue.

On the rear I see all greens

1 I/O module LED Green = System activity

2 UID button/LED OFF no light

3 Heartbeat LED Green = System activity

4 System fan LED Green = Normal operation

5 System fault LED  no light

6 Power On = Green

7 Power supply LED Green = Power turned on and power supply functioning properly 


I have rebooted, made sure the MSA60 is on first, changed cables, powered off an on.

I cant seem to get the P411 controller to see the MSA60


Any help would be greatly appreciated 



cables I am using

P411 RAID controller





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Re: MSA60 not being seen…

Has it ever worked? Or did it just stop working?


I'm in charge of a bunch of MSA60s, and noticed similiar behaviour. One particular unit I'm in charge of, when turning it off, turning it back on, it will turn on, however no LEDs appear on the front of the unit and it isn't visible (in my case I'm using a DL360G6 with a P800 controller).


Sometimes I will have to turn it off and turn it back on 2-5 times to actually get it to start up. Keep in mind that normal (good working) behaviour is for a single system LED on the front to be green.


I'm thinking either the backplane, midplane, or controller has failed in your unit. If it's under warranty you should create an HP warranty case and start replacing the items one by one to see what fixes it.