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MSA70 firmware upgrade

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MSA70 firmware upgrade


I have few MSA70 connected directly to DL380G5 servers through P800 controller. The current version on MSA70 is 1.42. I tried to upgrade the MSA firmware through Firmware Maintenance CD 8.60. But got the message that I need to change the MSA backplane to upgrade the firmware. So I did that, still I get the same error. I replaced the backplane Revision A with Revision D. I tried it twice but got the same error. Then HP field engineer visited the site and told me that we have to replace Backplane, IO Module and Midplane. He replaced all three (Balckplane-Revision D, Midplane-Revision D, IO Module-Revision M) and then the upgrade went without problem. But I have more MSA70 to upgrade now when I call HP support, they say that as per the advisory they can send only the backplane. Has any of you solved the problem like this? If yes, how? Is there any official explanation to this problem/resolution.