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MSAP2000 global spare and raid member.

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MSAP2000 global spare and raid member.

HI All,


On MSA P2000G3 I have 3 Vdisks 2x RAID6 in total 14 1T Disks and 1x RAID50 (4+1,4+1) from 10x 300Gb disks.

As global spares there are  2x1T disks.


To see if this setup works as I expected I pulled out one of 300Gb disks.


Everything went fine  1T global spare became member of raid50.


After successfull rebuilt I placed removed 300Gb disk back, cleared meatada and expected that the data from 1T Global Spare disk will be synced back to inserted 300GB disk.


But nothing happens the newly inserted disk appears as AVAIL, and I could't find any option to force the rebuilt process.

Is there a way to tell to the controller that inserted 300GB disk should be the memeber of raid 50 ?


Thank you in advance,



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Re: MSAP2000 global spare and raid member.

Ok, The answer I found in HP P200 G3 MSA Best Practices -Technical white paper  (it is always good to read docs :) )



Working with Failed Drives and Global Spares
When a failed drive rebuilds to a spare, the spare drive now becomes the new drive in the virtual disk. At this point,
the original drive slot position that failed is no longer part of the virtual disk. The original drive now becomes a
“Leftover” drive.
In order to get the original drive slot position to become part of the virtual disk again, do the following:
1. Replace the failed drive with a new drive.
2. If the drive slot is still marked as “Leftover”, use the “Clear Disk Metadata” option found in the “Tools” submenu.
3. When the new drive is online and marked as “Available”, configure the drive as a global spare drive.
4. Fail the drive in the original global spare location by removing it from the enclosure. The RAID engine will rebuild
    to the new global spare which will then become an active drive in the RAID set again.
5. Replace the drive you manually removed from the enclosure.
6. If the drive is marked as “Leftover”, clear the metadata as in step 2 above.
7. Re-configure the drive as the new global spare.

Worked fine so far.