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MSL 6000 via iSCSI to Windows 2003 Server

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MSL 6000 via iSCSI to Windows 2003 Server

We have a MSL 6000 tape library with a NS E1200 fibre channel interface attached to a Cisco 5428-2 fibre channel router. On the connected server in the Ethernet we can see the library with it's tape drives and changer and controller.
* The library is shown as an unknown medium changer in the device manager
* The ultrium tape drives are not useable in Backup Exec

Does anybody have an idea? We are currently looking for the device mappings on the NS E1200 card of the library but will soon be without further ideas ;-)

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Re: MSL 6000 via iSCSI to Windows 2003 Server

With W2k3, you have to desable RSM (Removable Storage Manager), this service take ownership of the drives and then your Backup Sw cannot handle the drives anymore.
Remember also that there is a problem in W2K3 with this service, that even if it is stopped and desable, it can restart by itself after a server reboot.
Work-around is to start it manualy and stop it again. (there is a Q article form Microsoft for this but cannotfind now)

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