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MSL6000 & Data-router

I have buy one MSL6000 and I won’t to now if is possible the equipment work with one STORAGEWKS MODULAR DATA ROUTER/218246-001.

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Victor Lopes
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Re: MSL6000 & Data-router


It's ok.But you need to confirm that whether there is more ports to support all SCSI or FC links.
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: MSL6000 & Data-router

Hi Victor,

I'm not so sure. The MDR is not listed in the current EBS Matrix, but I have an older one (from November 2003), and it states:
MDR does not support Ultrium 230, Ultrium 460, and SDLT 2 libraries. The MSL6000 library has Ultrium drives. It might work (I have not tried it myself) if your MDR has an LVD SCSI Module. Do NOT connect it to an HVD Module, you could damage your hardware! I don't think this is a supported solution. You'd be better off with an NSR E1200-160.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSL6000 & Data-router

I know somebody who tried an Ultrium tape drive (don't know the exact model) on his MDR and it did not work.
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Re: MSL6000 & Data-router

I would definitely recommend the e-1200/160, and only one tape drive per channel. Not sure if the MDR could handle the bandwidth from the Ultrium drives, especially Ultrium-2 drives.
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Re: MSL6000 & Data-router

quick speck: the MDR do not support this library, also it is a SCSI-2 ltrium are SCSI-3.
There will also be a performance problem

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