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Management Controller hangs

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Management Controller hangs



management controller A in our P2000 G3 seems to hang. I'm able to log in over HTTP, but while loading the interface it says "connection with controller lost". Login over telnet fails with "Error: Unable to sign in. This interface is not enabled for this user." (I'm trying with user "manage" which is enabled).


We had a similar problem a while ago, then I could just log in to controller B over telnet and type "restart mc a" to restart the controller. But this time it hangs after typing "yes" and enter:


# restart mc a
During the restart process you will briefly lose communication with the specifie
d Management Controller(s).
Continue? yes

I'm waiting for over 4 hours now. Event log shows absoluthely nothing.


Does anyone have an idea how I can restart managment controller A?


Thank you! Best regars,


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Re: Management Controller hangs

After much sweat and desperation, I've managed to reboot the controller. I have "crashed" it by sending many requests over HTTPS until the web interface went offline. Then I could reboot it over telnet from the other controller. Strange...

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Re: Management Controller hangs

hi, these have "some" firmware bugs. You could try the latest as a precautionary measure if you're not already there.
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