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Maximum vdisk size in MSA2312FC G2

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Maximum vdisk size in MSA2312FC G2

Hello I would need an information about the maximum size of a vdisk in raid 5 on storage MSA2312FC G2.
In the manual HP StorageWorks MSA2000 G1 or G2 and P2000 G3 FC MSA Best practices is referred to as maximum size of a vdisk equal to 16TB. I guess this value was valid because there were still no 2 tb hard drives.

The product bulletin talking about lun maximum size of 16TB but no mention of maximum size of vDisk.
I tried to create a RAID5 array with 12 disks in the vdisk from 2 tb and I created them without any problems.
So I need to figure out if I can use a vdisk with 12 disks in a RAID5 2 tb.