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Microsoft Cluster Storage change

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Microsoft Cluster Storage change

We have two microsoft cluster with storage on a VA7400 . Now we have to migrate the LUN to a EVA5000
Each node of each cluster has got two FCA 2101 HBA with securepath 4.0c7SP1

I have the following questions:
- as we cannot move all the LUN at time to the EVA 5000 I'd like know if there's a known issue of having a cluster with some LUN on a SAN Storage and other in a different one.

- Is there a suggested way of doing such move ?

- Is it safe to move the QUORUM first ?

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Re: Microsoft Cluster Storage change


If I understand you correct you need to access LUN's on both VA7400 and the EVA and move the Quorum+data from a LUN on the VA to LUN on the EVA?

It would be no problem having the cluster/nodes access both LUNS on the VA and EVA at the same time as windows will just detect the LUNS as local drives and will not care who/what is supplying them.
So you can move the quorum first or at any stage it will not make any difference providing it move correctly.

I don't know if it is a suggested way of doing such a move but I'm trying to do something similar......

I'm trying to move a Win2000 cluster with duel HBA's in both nodes, also running securepathVer4.0c. I'm looking to move data and cluster qourum from an MSA1000 to an EVA5000.

I need to access LUNS on the MSA (already happening live) and the LUNS on the EVA, I want to unplug the Secondary HBA and plug that into the EVA So I'm connected to the EVA(sec HBA) and MSA (Pri HBA).
Now this will not allow me to see the EVA LUNS as secure path is still controlling the Path's (only one path at any time)
I need to uninstall secure path so I can access both path's but I'm unsure what affect it will have?
Oh I forgot to mention this Win2K Cluster+MSA1000 is our currently live E-mail Server!

Did you uninstall secure path? Has anyone done this or similar?

Did that make any sense whatsoever?