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Migrate MSA1000 Array to another MSA1000

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Migrate MSA1000 Array to another MSA1000

Please can anyone advise if they have done the above. I've found a comment in the MSA1000 Reference Guide that stated to...

Power Off the system
Move the Drives
Power on the system

Is this necessary? Can an array be moved whilst both MSA's are online (thus no downtime for the servers using the Arrays that are staying put)?

Please advise.


Re: Migrate MSA1000 Array to another MSA1000

Hey Mike,
You only need to power off the systems if you are actually planning on moving the physical drives from one system to the next.
What I think you want to do is copy the data from one MSA to another MSA with different drives.
If you are running Windows, then use Robocopy - a Windows Resource Kit utility. It allows you to copy all the data with parameters that will check and only copy data that isn't on the target drive and remove data that is no longer on the source. I've used this many times to migrate between systems. It allows you to pre-stage the migration and only have to make the system unavailable to users for a short time while you run the final copy with no user access to either system - avoids locked files.
Let me know if this helps,

Link to rktools download:

Re: Migrate MSA1000 Array to another MSA1000

If you wanna move the drives physically from one MSA to another, using the DtS feature.

This link contains a white paper describing the entire procedure:

Shutting down the various components is a key part of the process to ensure data is flushed to cache to maintain data interigity.