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Migrating from MSA 1000 to another Array

R Pickinpaugh
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Migrating from MSA 1000 to another Array

I am needing to migrate data from our MSA 1000 to another (non-HP) array.

We are running HA mode on our MSA 1000 and have SecurePath installed on the server in question.

What steps will I have to take to "break" the SecurePath management of the HBAs so I can have 1 HBA on the MSA1000 and the other on the other array?

James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: Migrating from MSA 1000 to another Array

On the new server i would use the ACU to selectively present the old storage lun where your data is to the new server. Just add a drive letter to it, one that you will not use permanently. I would then install or connect the other, single hba to the new storage system and present a lun to it, format and assign a drive letter or mount point. After both luns are visible drop to DOS and XCOPY everything from one to the other.
The issue you may have is the software required for the new storage system may conflict. This process worked for us when testing how to migrate data from the MSA to another SAN platform.