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Migrating from Storageworks array to MSA 1000

Jake m
Occasional Visitor

Migrating from Storageworks array to MSA 1000

OK, this is a multi-part'er. First I will give a little background. I had an old Compaq Storageworks 14-bay array that was filled with 73Gb SCSI drives. I had to move it around one day as it was sitting on a server that I had to get into. Afterwards, I set it all backup and all of the drive LEDs on all of the drives were flashing. Also, I no longer could connect/detect any of the drives with my RAID card. So I am assuming it is dead (I can't really test too much, but I moved on). So, I got an HP Modular Smart Array 1000 from work that they decommissioned (pulled from production, in good working order).

1.) I would like to transplant the drives from my Storage array to the MSA1000, (as there is a lot of data I MUST retrieve) can I pull the RAID info from the drives?

2.) The array is still setup for my work and I would like to re-configure it. However, I didn't get the "custom" serial cable needed in order to terminal into it. Is there another way to get to it's configuration without the serial cable?

3.) I am new to setting up fiber (of any kind, but it is something I really want to learn) so I am not sure how to go about setting up the connection. I have an Emulex LP9002 fiber card that I can use to connect to it. But I can't seem to find any documentation on setting it up. Can you guys point me in the right direction?

I’m hoping to be able to get this to work and get all of the data off. Please let me know if this will not be possible as I would then have to look on eBay for a replacement Storageworks array to retrieve the data.

Jake m
Occasional Visitor

Re: Migrating from Storageworks array to MSA 1000