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Mini lab Test SAN Hp StorageWorks FC and VMware

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Mini lab Test SAN Hp StorageWorks FC and VMware

Hi for all, this is my first post and i want to thanks all for help, i would like to create a mini lab to make test and best practices on HP Fabric SAN, i have already Blade Enclosure with two Blade BL460C G6 12 Gb + HBA FC 4 Gb + Blade Switch FC 4 Gb 12 port, now i would like to buy an used Hp Storageworks, i have seen:


1) HP HSV200-B Controller AD525C for EVA4100
2) HP AD542C M5314C Fibre Channel (FC) Drive Enclosure 14-bay for EVA with 14x300 Gb HD FC complete EMU Module AD625B, I/O B Modul AD624C, I/O A Modul AD623C, 2x SFP FC Cable.


to start test and creating LUNs to connect to VMware 4.x/5.x or Microsoft Windows Server I need anything else?


i have downloaded CV EVA 7.01


best regards