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Mirroring/Connecting MSA's on same array

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Mirroring/Connecting MSA's on same array

I am working on a project of implementing a new vSphere cluster. I have 3x DL380 G9's and two MSA 1040's. The hosts are connecting to the MSA's with fiber channel cables. Is there a proper way to connect the MSA's so that they mirror each other, or can become part of the same array? (I did not order the hardware - someone else did, and I only have 5x Fiber Channel cables).

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Re: Mirroring/Connecting MSA's on same array


if you want redundency each server should see 2 controllers of each msa

but a controler only has 2 fibre connections that means you can connect only 

2 servers with redundency.

if each server has 2 fibre ports you need to connect one port to each MSA that means

you don's have redundency.