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Re: Modular Data Router Console Cable

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Modular Data Router Console Cable

I have a Compaq Modular Data Router that connects our TL892 tape library to our FC-AL SAN.

For a pending backup software upgrade, I need to verify the code revision on the MDR. I have the manual, and have looked through it but can not find information on the pinout for the serial console cable. I've tried various straight through, null-modem, and cross-over cables to no avail.

Can anyone provide me with the proper pinout for the MDR's console cable? Or provide a part number and source where I can obtain the proper part?

Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: Modular Data Router Console Cable

Somebody told me that serial connection is not supported. People usually use ethernet one. Default settings are:
IP , mask, gateway, username=root and password=password.
Take LAN crossover cable and try connecting to RJ-45 port
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Re: Modular Data Router Console Cable

Rock on! I'll give that a whirl. Thanks. I saw the Ethernet port on it but didn't know what address scheme to try.

Appreciate the speedy reply!


Re: Modular Data Router Console Cable

I'm using an ordinary null modem cable, and are connecting to the serial port without problems with the settings provided in the manual.
And it's using a standard off the shelf null modem cable.
You can also as mentioned connect via the LAN interface.