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Mounting proliant in EVA4000 cabinet

Jerry Short

Mounting proliant in EVA4000 cabinet

Is it supported to mount a general purpose proliant server in the same cabinet with an EVA 4000?
Steven Clementi
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Re: Mounting proliant in EVA4000 cabinet


In the past, HP used to not like their customers to mount ANYTHING in an EVA rack other than the EVA itself.

That said, I do not think they would give you any support grief if you had a proliant towards the top of the rack. They even ship purchased SAN Management Appliances and SAN Switches by installing them at the top of the rack.

Being that the EVA4000 is only ever going to be 16U, you should not have to waste any space. Utilizing the space with a Proliant server is ideal since the rack and the servers rails were manufactured to work great with each other ;o)

NOw, if you ever thought about upgrading to an EVA6000 or even buying another EVA4000, you would need that space about the initial 16U.

2 EVA4000's utilize a max of 32U while 1 EVA6000 utilizes a max of 30U. Now you still have soem room to play.

Part of the reason why they did not want anything else in the rack was because a full 2C12D EVA5000 used to take up 41U, leaving space for only a SMA III. If you bought anything less than a 2C12, they expected that you would eventually upgrade to a 12D or beyond.

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