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Moving MSA60 and retaining the data? SA P800 to P600


Moving MSA60 and retaining the data? SA P800 to P600

I have an MSA60 currently connected to a Smart Array P800 and configured as a raid 5 array. MSA60 is using SATA drives.


I have setup a new server with a Smart Array P600 and have moved the MSA60 to this new box.  However, when the server boots up and the P600 controller initiallizes, it does not find the existing logical drive (which was just 1 big drive).

It reports 2 status messages:


 1777 Slot 3 - Storage Enclosure problem detected.  Port 1E enclosure processor not detected or responding . to fix upgrade enclosure firmware or replace the I/O module.

1785 Slot 3 - Drive array not configured.  Configuration indicates drives were configured on a controller with newer firmware.  to avoid data loss reattach to the origional controller (P800) or upgrade the controller firmware.


So the firmware on the P600 is (1.20) which looks to be the origional.  I am going to attempt to update to the latest (2.04).  However, the firmware on the P800 is 4.xx.  Will the P600 be able to even read the config after the upgrade or will I likely have to rebuild the array and loose data?


If I go into the P600 ROM utility I can see all the drives and it looks like I can create a new array, but this is 6tb of data on the MSA60 that Im trying not to have to copy.


Any help?


Re: Moving MSA60 and retaining the data? SA P800 to P600

I just updated the firmware of the Smart Array p600 to 2.04 and tried again.  This time it does recognize the logical drives.


So I boot into Windows (2008 R2 Enterprise) and go to disk management and Windows does see the MSA60 as available, but has it listed as unkown.  I right click and  import the disk, the correct size is reported.  However, when I click OK to proceed with the import it does add the array, but it then says it is unreadable and it requests that the new disk be formatted.




Any thoughts on how or why Windows cant read the array and wants to format it? Any ideas on how I can add the MSA60 to Windows without having to format and loose the data?