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Moving the storage MSA2000

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Moving the storage MSA2000

Good morning,

I need to move our cluster HP from one floor to another.

I need to know the right steps for the shutdown and the boot.

We have 2 HP Proliant DL380 WinServer2008 and 1 HP StorageWorks MSA2000 (MSA2324fc).

Unfortunately, those who took care of storage no longer works with us. What is the correct way to access the storage and what are the correct commands to turn off the starage?

After moving, I have to follow some particular sequence for boot?
I'll have to give some special command for storage?

thanks for any suggestions and sorry for my poor english

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Re: Moving the storage MSA2000

Log On with Telnet or SSH

Default User is: manage

Dewfault Password: !manage

enter: shutdown both


This Shuts Down both Kontrollers

If the are Down at the Backside a Blue LED on every Kontroller is going on


The you can Power it Off.


Power On:

First the Disk Shelfs, if the are some connected, then the Head.

Login and enter: show system

Under Health should say: OK



I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.

Re: Moving the storage MSA2000

I will try!

thanks for your support :)



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Moving the storage MSA2000

Important. Shut off the servers before shutting of the storage and your filesystems will be you friend.