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Multi OS Environments and Intial MSA config

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Multi OS Environments and Intial MSA config

I recently purchased the MSA 1500cs started kit. THis includes:

1x MSA1500
2x GBIC's
2x HBA FCA2214's
1x 2/8V 4x Port SAN Switch

I also Purchased:
2x DL145 Servers
1x DL385 Server
2x FCA2214's
2x GBIC's

Now, each of these servers run different OS's. 2x Novell SUSE OES 6.5, 1x Windows 2003 x64, 1x Windows 2003 (32).

How I maximizer my storage and integrity? Can I create on Physical raid (4x 146GB SCSI) and then slice that up among the different OS's?

Can someone recommend some sort of documentation or book that would answer these questions and go through the basic do's and don't's in this type of evironment?

I can't find ANYTHING supplied with the kit from HP or the website that goes beyond physically hooking up the equipment?

Dave K.
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Re: Multi OS Environments and Intial MSA config

Attending the training courses is about the only way I know, apart from the SAN Design Guide.

The other thing to do is serach HP's site for maunals, they are all there.

I would suggest that you approach your local ABSP, or HP partner specilising in storage for assistance. I have come across more badly set up MSA's than anything,(HSG's excepted) its just down to the fact you don't do it on a daily basis. Paying for a day of someones time can save you a fortune, and if they are any good they will give you a good overview.


It does work, Really
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Re: Multi OS Environments and Intial MSA config


I don't know how you found that beautiful list of PDF files but I will be studying them all this week and next. I don't want to implement the SAN and find out I have to re-do it.

The training course would be AWESOME...BUT like every type of training up here in Canada there either isn't any or there never available when you need them. I don't have time to travel to some remote US city just to have a course, so the manuals will have to be sufficent for now.

Thanks Again!