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MultiPath Interoperability

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MultiPath Interoperability

On a redundant fabric with a mix of hosts (HP-UX, Sun Solaris and Windows) and storage arrays (EVA3000, EVA5000 and XP12000), all hosts use SecurePath for multipath routing and failover. I'm considering adding EVA8000 arrays to the fabric and am concerned that the options for multipath (SecurePath, MPxIO, MPOI, MPIOff) may preclude or complicate the ability to present storage to the mix of hosts.
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Re: MultiPath Interoperability


FF-MPIO for Windows can "live" with Secure Path. SP is used to access your EVA 3k and 5k and FF-MPIO is used to accessthe 8k. I am NOT sure if FF-MPIO for EVA will "live" with FF-MPIO for XP, but the Multipath page says...

"Includes support for multiple DSMs on single host "

...which would lead me to believe they would be ok together.

As for HP-UX and SUN, I am not familiar with either so I can not comment. (except to say "Why not switch over to ALL Windows?" (j/k) ).

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Re: MultiPath Interoperability

It is not possible to give simple yes/no answer, I am afraid.

You first need to make a full inventory of OS/ version, SecurePath/ version, FCA/ driver/ firmware, FCswitch/ firmware, StorageArray/ firmware /management_software_version and so on.

Only then it makes sense to go over the support matrixes and try to get an answer or develop a migration path to the solution.
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Re: MultiPath Interoperability

Have a look at the HP SAN bible on

Go to volume 3 chapter 8 and look at Heterogeneous SAN storage system coexistence.
In Table 55 you find the rules for the individual OSes and arrays!

If unsure ask your HP storage technician or presales representative! They will help you!

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Re: MultiPath Interoperability

Yes, check the docs to be sure of compatibility, but mostly, if you're on the latest version of SP, you should be OK - the lastest version added support for EVA8000.

Older versions should just ignore the EVA8000, and pass the devices through so you can use the native MPIO. (except HP-UX - you'll need to upgrade to SP 3.0F).


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