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Multipathing EVA3k / Eva5k

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Multipathing EVA3k / Eva5k

Hey, I am using SLES11 and multipathing, now I need to setup the multipath.conf


My SLES gets 4 LUNs from a EVA3K and 4 LUNs from a EVA5.


What is the correct syntax for the multipathing.conf ?


I found a document which states this:


For EVA3000/EVA5000/EVA4x00/EVA6x00/EVA8x00



vendor "(HP|COMPAQ)"

product "HSV1[01]1\(C\)COMPAQ|HSV[2][01]0|HSV300|HSV4[05]0"


In Linux I see this: by entering: multipath -ll

3600508b4000126850001c00000840000 dm-1 HP,HSV100
3600508b4000145af0002400000f80000 dm-6 COMPAQ,HSV111 (C)COMPAQ


Do I have to separate the product and vendor with a PIPE symbol ?


Thx Christian


Uwe Zessin
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Re: Multipathing EVA3k / Eva5k

I am not sure about the formats. Have you checked the enablement kits?


One other thing:

> HP,HSV100
This looks like an EVA-3000 with active/passive controller firmware. As far as I know, HP only supports device mapper with active/active (=VCS V4.100) firmware on the EVA-3000/5000.

That is why the regexp reads "HSV1[01]1" and not "HSV1[01][01]".