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Multiple volumes from SAS attached storage

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Multiple volumes from SAS attached storage

I have a c7000 with BL460c G6 & G7 blades.  I have an MSA2324sa attached through a couple of 3Gb SAS interconnect bay switches.  I have a volume presented from the storage array to each blade.  That is working fine.  I presented a second volume to one blade where I needed some more storage.  I can not get the blade to see the volume.  All the blades are running RHEL 6.  I've rebooted the blade, but the OS just sees the first volume.  In the multipath -ll output for each path I would expect to see:


host:channel:id:lun devnode major:minor dm_status_if_known path_status online_status


For the first volume presented to this blade with lun 14, I see:


0:0:4:0  cciss!c0d4 104:64 active ready running


I would have expected that last 0 to be 14.  Hopefully SAS isn't limiting me to just one volume per blade is it?  Any one have a suggestion about how to get the second volume (lun 24) to show up?





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Re: Multiple volumes from SAS attached storage

Never mind.  I forgot to add the WWID to the blacklist exception.  :(