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NSR M2402 & initiators

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NSR M2402 & initiators

Currently we are using the NSR M2402 to communicate with two stacked MSL5052 robot's.
Now HP has an known problem, not to have more than 128 initiators.
Can anyone tell me how to count these initiators, as we've got two fiber cards (one for each of the robots), both showing all hosts on both fabrics of the SAN. If i'm counting correctly, ths means (128/2 (Fibercards))/2(fabrics) with two EVA's, means i would only be able to use this Robot with 32-2=30 servers??
Hope you can help me with my issue.

Re: NSR M2402 & initiators

How do you get the NSR2400 to fit in an MSL library? The NSR2400 is intended for use in the ESL library. The NSR1200 that is used for the MSL libraries has no known initiator restriction.

I have seen this problem with ESL libraries and use a slightly different equation 128-11(number of library FC ports)/2(factor for switched fabrics)=58. A newer ESL code release is supposed to have doubled the base initiator figure to 256. ((256-11)/2=122)

When the initiator count is reached, the host map on the library fills and the fabric crashes (a very ugly but reliably repeatable situation).